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Everything you must know about your training account!

Reminder: Since January 2015, you are the holder of an Employee Training Account (ETA). This replaced the Individual Training Right (ITR) in order to allow you to increase your skill levels throughout the entire course of your career.

1. Your Employee Training Account will follow you everywhere!

Your Employee Training Account will follow you throughout your entire career, whether you stay with the same company, change employers, or are looking for a job. It will be closed at the moment you enter into retirement.
2. Up to 150 hours of training
Your Employee Training Account is automatically supplied with training hours, in accordance with your hours worked. If you have a full-time position, it will be credited with 24 hours per year for 5 years, then 12 hours per year, up to 150 hours.
The hours you acquire will remain there permanently.
3. Transfer your Individual Trainaing Right hours to your Employee Training Account
If you have Individual Training Right hours that were not used as of December 31, 2014, they will be valid until January 1, 2021.
In order to avoid losing them, you should think about transferring them to your Employee Training Account. To do this, simply go to
4. Use your Employee Training Account for your training
Once you decide to use the hours registered to your account, verify that the selected training is recorded with the National Directory of Professional Certifications. Your Employee Training Account can also be used as part of an initiative with the Accreditation of Work Experience.
5. And finally...
If you are missing hours to complete your training project, your Employee Training Account can be contributed to at the expense of your employer, yourself, or various organizations.
If your training takes place during work hours, you must receive approval from your employer. However, if it takes place outside work hours, approval is not required.

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