Occupational health: management of reinforced individual medical monitoring and recruitment examination

For the management of medical monitoring, and the monitoring of risks at work, the term enhanced medical monitoring (SMR), previously used before the application of the new decree on the moderation of work applied to the medical monitoring of workers, is replaced by the term of enhanced individual monitoring (SIR).

Reinforced individual follow-up concerns the medical surveillance of employees exposed to certain professional risks (article R 4624-23 of the Labor Code).

List of items linked to specific exposures and risks within the framework of enhanced individual monitoring

prevention risque amiante travailleurs

Asbestos risk

prevention risque plomb travailleur peintre

Lead risk

prevention risque biologique travailleur


prevention risque rayonnement ionisant

Radiation risk

prevention risque substances chimiques

Chemical risk

prevention risque routier securite routiere

Road risk

prevention risque chute travailleur

Risk of falling

prevention travailleur risque hyperbare

Hyperbaric risk

gestion visite medicale embauche

The medical examination for aptitude for hiring as part of the management of reinforced individual monitoring

Workers subject to reinforced monitoring must undergo a medical examination for fitness when hiring.

With regard to the management of the reinforced individual follow-up, only the occupational physician carries out the medical examination for aptitude for hiring and this before the assignment to the workstation.

Therefore, unlike the information and prevention visit, the visit cannot be entrusted to a collaborating doctor, an intern in occupational medicine, or a nurse.

At the end of the examination and/or its renewal, a notice of suitability or unsuitability is sent to the employer as well as to the worker, the notice being attached to the medical file.

gerer les visites medicales

Exemption from medical examination of aptitude and periodicity

Within the framework of reinforced individual follow-up and medical surveillance of employees, an exemption from a medical fitness examination may take place if the worker has previously undergone a medical fitness examination within the 2 years preceding his hiring, if he holds an identical job with equivalent exposure risks, if the occupational physician is in possession of the latest fitness opinion and there has been no individual measure modifying the nature of the fitness ( modification and adaptation of the workstation) over the past two years.

The periodicity of the follow-up within the framework of the reinforced individual follow-up is decided by the occupational doctor, the worker will have to pass his next examination within a period of 4 years maximum.

An intermediate visit is carried out by a health professional (a collaborating doctor, an intern in occupational medicine, or a nurse) at the latest 2 years after the visit carried out by the occupational doctor.

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