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Omag Event: Managing your Events

Managing events with Omag will trransform it into a business booster.
Are you a small or medium-sized company that wishes to participate in a trade show or organize a professional event?
Conquering different markets requires a constant presence. Trade shows, a natural meeting place for supply and demand, have become strategic tools for all businesses. They are trading platforms in their own right.
Your goal is for your business to expand its reach, but you probably don’t have the time or the extra in-house manpower to organize your trade shows, conventions, press conferences or sales meetings. Let Omag Event take care of everything.
Omag Event brings you the comfort of complete turnkey support so that you can continue to focus on what matters most: your product and/or service.

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Participating in a fair: from preparation to exhibition

Pre-show or event

A successful event is the sum of small details that require our attention. So it’s best to take care of everything as soon as possible to avoid last-minute challenges.

Our services:

  • Travel booking and hotel reservations
  • Sending invitations to customers and prospects.

Post-show or event

How do you maintain the momentum of a trade show or event and forge personal links with your visitors? By thanking customers and prospects for their visits to a trade show, you maintain the relationship. These contacts you meet at a trade show know you and express interest in your product and service, but they are waiting to hear from you. Omag Even takes care of everything, and in particular, the follow-up with the prospects and other key contacts you have obtained during your show. We are a true partner for the commercial development of your company


Time management and anticipating needs are our strengths: Working regularly under pressure and being able to stick to an established plan.

Our services:

  • Negotiate the stand with the organizers
  • Support for the design and construction of the stand
  • Organize breakfasts, lunches, dinners, cocktails…
  • Support on the day of the event

Assistance at sales meetings, conventions, seminars

Communication is our job. Our leitmotif is “knowing how to listen, ask the right questions and answer clearly”. This applies to our customers, partners and service providers.

Our services:

  • Search for places
  • Event coordination
  • Relations with various service providers (suppliers, hotels, conference rooms, etc.)
  • Support on the day of the event
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Logistics for your events

From the simplest to the most complicated logistics tasks filled with geographical challenges, transport delays: a successful event needs experienced logistics experts who can manage an event, regardless of its size.

Presenters and event organizers who have had a positive logistics experience at their event don’t need to be persuaded to come back year after year.

You need a quality partner to ensure flawless logistics during your trade show. Our logistics experience is at your fingertips.

Omag Even is here to listen to you:

We would love to work with you to create a custom plan to ensure the success and effectiveness of your event.

Logistics and events: two words that we successfully combine for the success of your events

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