Outsourcing administrative management

support you in the management of your business

More than a simple outsourcing, our team of administrative experts supports you on a daily basis in the administrative management of your company.

The outsourcing of administrative management allows you to have access to all the professionals, with a cost that corresponds to your needs.

“Our wish is to become the partner of your success: we bring you our expert contribution in the realization and the concretization of your projects.”

support you in the management of your business
business management outsourcing

Outsourcing and administrative management

The outsourcing of administrative management is the guarantee of a turnkey solution adapted to each company.

Outsourcing allows you to acquire new skills, with a reduced cost. Indeed, thanks to this administrative management, you can call on experts in each of the areas necessary for the smooth running of your company. You need a DAF for your financial follow-up; an HRD for the follow-up of your employees; a management specialist for better team cohesion; … But you don’t need to have all these skills full time.

Administrative management of the company

Our solution is to coordinate and/or carry out the outsourcing of administrative management of your company on a daily basis.
Indeed, administrative tasks are very energy-consuming and time-consuming. Thus, by outsourcing your administrative secretariat, you can focus on the development of your company. You also have more time to do your job.

Search and layout of premises

Administrative management of the local entity

Providers search

Secretariat and tele-secretariat

MONITORING of accounting documents

Implementation of appropriate insurance and maintenance contracts

Commercial follow-up thanks to our specific competence in sales administration

Follow-up of the legal secretariat in relation with the legal advisers of the company

Organization of business trips


Outsourced sales administration

Outsourced sales administration

Sales administration is a critical business strategy function. This is the only way for a company to obtain new contracts and new opportunities.
Omag Consulting offers you a dedicated expert to support you on a daily basis by becoming the interface between your company and your customers, your suppliers and your partners.

Our main areas of intervention in sales administration are:

  • follow-up of customer accounts,
  • establishment of quotes,
  • inventory and order management
  • invoicing, follow-up of payments, customer reminders,
  • follow-up of maintenance contracts

Our rigorous management allows us to provide you with dashboards adapted to your activity according to your needs and expectations.

human resource management

Human Resources Administration

Human resources administration is a necessary support function for any company that has employees.
Human resources follows many variations with regular updates of laws and case law. Thus, whatever the size of your company, you must carry out a legal watch which can prove to be a complex task. By outsourcing the administration of human resources to Omag Consulting, you are guaranteed regular monitoring.

Our main areas of intervention in HR outsourcing are :

  • administrative management of employees,
  • training follow-up,
  • follow-up of medical visits (specific service of HR management)
  • legal monitoring
human resource management

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