1. Identify those activities that can be teleworked
  2. Make sure that the teleworking framework is clearly defined and known by each employee and provide the necessary equipment (hardware, computer accessories, supplies, etc.).
  3. Define the time slots during which teleworkers can be contacted, thus facilitating work-life balance when the organization allows it.
  4. Make sure that your employees master the digital tools at their disposition and provide the necessary support when needed (training, time to share practices internally, support from the person in charge of IT…).
  5. Encourage your managers to support employees during this period.
  6. Maintain regular contact with all employees to share decisions and recognize work accomplished.
  7. Ensure the disconnection right is enforced (e-mails and calls during working hours, respect of break and rest times, etc.).

These different measures are to be implemented with the involvement of employees and their
representatives and by ensuring high-quality social dialogue.
To go more deeply into the matter consult the information Page “Organizing telework in your company in period of containment” on Anact:  
Source: Ministry of Labor, Employment and Insertion