In France, all employers are required to organize medical check-ups with Occupational health, from the first employee. All employees are required to undergo medical check-ups throughout their working lives. (Labor law articles L.4622-1 to L.4628-2)

The mandatory medical visits with occupational health are:

  • an initial information and prevention visit ;
  • a periodic medical check-up ;
  • a mid-career medical check-up ;
  • a pre-resumption medical examination ;
  • a resumption medical examination;
  • a medical check-up at the employee’s request;
  • a medical check-up at the employer’s request;
  • a follow-up certificate ;
  • certificate of unfitness, etc.

What skills are required? What are the risks for not complying?

A perfect knowledge of regulations and a rigorous approach are essential. Managing the organization of mandatory medical appointments with Occupational Health is an area of expertise in its own right.

The organization and follow-up of medical appointments are particularly time-consuming. Outsourcing the process saves time for the Human Resources team and ensure a meticulous follow-up and organization.

Membership with the occupational health medical service is a legal obligation. Any employer who fails to meet this obligation is liable to a fine of €1,500.

Is outsourcing the right solution for optimizing the process?

Outsourcing the management of occupational medical appointments enables employers to benefit from:

  • Fixed costs in advance;
  • Constant availability and flexibility;
  • Specialized, in-depth and secure expertise;
  • Time benefits for the HR Team.

Our expertise ensures you complete peace of mind.

Omag Consulting has been a leader in the field of occupational health management for many years.

Our team’s expertise and skills give you the assurance that your regulatory obligations are fully met.

Many companies have already placed their trust in us and can testify to the efficiency of outsourcing!

Together, we’ll study your needs and provide you with a customized solution.

Would you like to find out more? How much does outsourcing cost? How is the process set-up? How is it monitored?

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