The relocation of an employee in France consists, amongst other things, in taking charge of the moving and installation of your staff to be closer to their place of work. The development of companies leads them to move managers, executives and staff to other sites, in other countries. These transfers require many complex administrative procedures. Hence the need to call on a Relocation service. Depending on the requirements and needs of your business, Omag Consulting relocation services can play an important role in the relocation process. We provide you with very personalized relocation services and manage all aspects of mobility.

Your relocation needs in France

Compose your service program, in line with your internal policies. Omag Consulting will be able to advise you in your strategic choices. Choose from a full range of relocation services for your employee in France according to the needs of your transferred employees, while respecting your company’s objectives.

  • Control the housing costs of your expatriate employees
  • Prepare for the arrival of your new employee and family with complete peace of mind
  • Reassure those relocating by providing them with a solution adapted to their family situation
  • Save time

Installation of your employee with complete peace of mind

Omag Consulting takes care of finding accommodation, administrative formalities and the socio-cultural integration of your employee. Calling on the Relocation services of Omag Consulting means ensuring a peaceful arrival, easier integration and increased professional efficiency.

From advice and support on international mobility policy to provisiding relocation services, our specialization in human resources provides you with experience to support you at all levels of the moving process.

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