Relocation en France

When companies develop, they need to relocate directors, managers and other employees to other work sites in other countries. These transfers require a lot of logistics and administrative work. This is where our Relocation services come in.

Depending on your needs, Omag Consulting can play an important role in your relocation process. We provide personalized services and manage every aspect of relocation.

    Your Relocation Needs

    Create a service catalogue that is in alignment with your policies. Omag Consulting will know how to strategically guide you in your decision making.

    Choose from a complete range of relocation services according to the needs of your transferred employees—all while respecting the goals of your company.

    • Master lodging costs for your expatriate employees
    • Prepare for the arrival of a new collaborator, without worrying about a thing
    • Reassure those relocating by providing them with support that includes taking care of their family
    • Save time

    Settle in, stress-free

    Omag Consulting takes care of finding housing, administrative formalities and social and cultural integration of your employee. Using Omag Consulting Relocation services means arriving with peace of mind, easy integration and increased business efficiency.

    From support with international relocation policies, to making your move happen, we have the experience and expertise you need during every phase of your moving process.

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