For the follow-up and management of your employee’s medical visits, several questions come to mind:

  • Do you have a global and complete approach to the medical visits of your staff?
  • Do you know what the legal risks are in case of non-compliance?
  • Are you facing any problem with medical visits during registration of your new employees or when employees are leaving the compagny ?

With the outsourcing of the management of medical visits, you are focused on missions with better added value. Omag Consulting takes care of the overall management of your staff’s medical visits, with established procedures, performance indicators and monitoring of reporting formalities.

As you already know, the management of medical visits is complex due to the various reforms regarding Occupational health imposing new obligations on employers.

We offer you a turnkey solution to fully outsource the management of your staff’s medical visits:

  • Registration formalities for your employees
  • planning and regular follow-up of the medical visits
  • Managing payment of subscriptions and yearly renewals

Before outsourcing your medical visits, we have a preparation phase with:

  • the definition of the process and procedures,
  • the implementation of a communication plan for your staff and occupational health centers,
  • the identification of your key indicators for a joint and transparent management of the outsourcing process

Why outsource the management of your staff’s medical visits?

Outsourcing the management of medical visits for your staff allows you to:

  • benefit from tailor-made administration with an audit of the compliance situation
  • secure the complete management of medical visit procedures (planning, compliance with deadlines, etc.),
  • save time so that your support team can concentrate on more important tasks,
  • Benefit from a detailles feedback for the follow-up of medical visits in accordance with the regulations

Note: our expertise means that outsourcing medical visits requires little investment on your part, and can be implemented very quickly.

You can contact us to find out more about our missions of outsourcing medical visits

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