Outsourcing of its administrative services, whether partially or in full, is common for those companies wishing to gain a competitive advantage, whether on an ad hoc basis when the company does not have adequate human resources as part of increased activity or in the context of a restructuring aimed at ensuring administrative management in an optimal fashion.

In which case should a company outsource its administrative services?
Firstly, companies who turn to the outsourcing of administrative functions are looking for an optimization of profitability and performance. By calling on a service provider such as Omag Consulting, the companies are giving themselves the means to focus solely on their core business.
Only yesterday, similar to secretariat at a distance, today outsourcing is largely overtaking this field, in particular by the assigned tasks which, according to the case, could be very diversified and as a result require a close partnership, a technical mastery, and above all a perfect knowledge of the environment where the user company operates.

Outsourcing, which is also called externalization, is therefore not only tied solely to cost savings, even if this is a reality.
Outsourcing is positioning itself as a true development factor in a company’s long-term strategy. Outsourcing engages partners for their capacity to offer complementary services in terms of their specialization, their professionalism, and their capacity to evolve in a tertiary environment undergoing technological advances. Outsourcing is therefore moving from a notion of managing administrative costs to a notion of real added value.

The difference between outsourcing administrative functions and sub-contracting

The outsourcing of administrative services and functions is different from sub-contracting because it involves the transfer of strategic activity to service providers and is not a simple request of task performance made to sub-contractors. Therefore, in the context of outsourcing, the company delegates a portion of its expertise to a service provider, while keeping control of operations and benefitting from the contribution of implementation methods.
Fields of outsourcing
Omag Consulting, was founded in 2005 by Nicole Vignon Delettre, and since its creation has been involved in the field of outsourcing with four main sectors:
1.    The outsourcing of administrative functions that are high value-added
2.    The outsourcing of human resources
3.    The outsourcing of the administration of sales
4.    Assisting foreign companies in the creation of liaison offices in France.

Free consultation : Why outsource all or part of your administrative functions?

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