Within a business, there are certain recurring functions carried out internally which are indispensable to the company’s operation, but are not a part of its core business. More and more companies are finding numerous advantages to outsourcing these particular functions.

Outsourcing is a strategic project
Becoming more competitive and ensuring its sustainability is the daily challenge of every company, no matter what its size or field of activity. In order to achieve this, the company must be reactive, innovative, and be able re-evaluate itself.
As a result, the company may be brought to revise its method of internal organization by handing over one or several support functions to specialized service providers. Several services could be included: training management, secretarial services, accounting, payroll, general services, and IT and website management…
The decision to outsource is part of a company’s global strategy, since it restructures the organizational chart as well as the internal division of labor.

Outsourcing is a growing solution that is being appreciated by numerous companies. If you are still hesitating, here are 7 good reasons to consider:

1/ Outsourcing gives you a burst of oxygen: it will enable you to complete recurring tasks that are very time-consuming and do not add value to the company’s bottom line! You can then assign tasks to your freed-up employees that are directly of service to the company’s growth.

2/ You gain flexibility: for tasks that are recurring or one-time only, the service provider responds to your requests at any time.

3/ You will save on payroll taxes, time, and technology fees. The amounts that are thus gained can be invested in other areas that are more productive to your business.

4/ The outsourcing offerings are varied and competitive: you can choose the service provider(s) and the services adapted to your needs and your budget.
5/ You ensure the excellence of the outsourced jobs: your service-providers are professionals in their field. They possess the personnel, experience, expertise, industry surveillance and are always equipped with state-of-the-art tools.

6/ You gain effectiveness in your core business: you can concentrate on your field of expertise and the growth of your revenue.

7/ You can choose between outsourcing on your premises or off-site: in the event of data that is highly confidential, or equipment or jobs that are specific to the project, the outsourced work can take place right on your premises. If it takes place off-site, the sharing of the service provider’s tools with other clients is a financial advantage for you.

Keep the control for a secure partnership
A risk of outsourcing is the loss of connection with the outsourced function. To avoid this, be very clear about your objectives, and come up with an organizational plan that clearly defines the roles of each party, the conditions of operation, and the methods of control. Internally, an employee will ensure the relationship with the service provider.
Mutual trust and listening are important because they promote a long-lasting partnership with the professionals to whom you decide to hand over certain functions of your business.

Have you thought about outsourcing certain functions of your business?
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