All the information and details received from the company and the occupational health relating to the employees are safely centralized in Omag Consulting’s Intranet.

Follow-up after the medical visit: why is this necessary?

These process allow us to establish the planning of the medical appointments past and future.

The Occupational Health appointments are organized according to the employee’s work schedules and constraints.

Upon receipt of the appointment dates from the occupational health centers, the employee receives, by mail, the convocation with all details of their appointment. At the same time, a copy of this document is sent to the employee’s supervisor and/or the company’s Human Resources Department.

This procedure allows the manager and the human resources department to get organize to enable the department to remains operational despite the temporary absence of an employee.

The convocation will be followed by two reminders sent by email. The last reminder can be sent by SMS instead of email.

What happens after the medical visit ?

Following the medical visit, a copy of the individual medical certificate is sent to Omag Consulting (by the employee, the Human Resources Department or the Occupational Medicine Center). This document is necessary in order to update the database, and planify the future medical appointments. Regular updates in the planning are transmitted to the employer.

This certificate makes it possible to plan the future medical examination according to the recommendations from the occupational doctor and in particular for employees subject to an enhanced individual medical examination.

The follow-up reports of the medical visits are put online but can also be communicated to our clients on a periodicity to be defined according to the needs.

Important: No confidential medical information is communicated to Omag Consulting by the occupational health doctor.

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