Through this file dedicated to the management of employee medical surveillance in the context of occupational health, we offer you an update on the measures related to the management of individual medical follow-up visits in force since 2017.

If from a regulatory point of view, since the publication of the decree in the Official Journal, there have been changes to take into account in the planning of visits, the management and organization of “medical visits” remains for Omag Consulting, an activity in its own right that it integrates into its human resources outsourcing services.

These regulatory changes raise many questions :

  • Will they also bring about a change of term in the coming months for human resources managers in charge of managing medical visits?
  • The term “medical visits”, will it be replaced in current usage by « information and prevention visit » ?
  • Can we continue to talk about “individual health follow-up visit” employees?

Occupational physicians and occupational health professionals will remain the main contacts and will continue to play their roles in terms of prevention which were already assigned to them in the medical surveillance of employees.

Since January 1, 2017, the new decree (decree n° 2016-1908 of 27/12/2016) concerning the modernization of occupational medicine has entered into force. The decree was published in the Official Journal on December 29, 2016.

Emphasis has since been placed on accident prevention, with a desire to prevent workplace-related accidents, rather than placing the burden of health risks on employees.

Thus, thanks to the single occupational risk assessment document, it is possible to greatly reduce accidents by giving employees the information necessary for their health.

The employee’s medical surveillance may focus on the proper information and application of this prevention document.

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