Outsourcing payroll management is one of the HR areas handled by omag consulting.

More than a simple technical and administrative process, payroll management is both a complex and sensitive subject, especially for employees. Thus, pay is used as a real lever to allow:

  • to optimize the performance of a business by using appropriate relief benefits and incentives
  • to create a competitive package when recruiting or to retain employees
  • to motivate employees by offering various bonuses (profit-sharing and participation, objectives, etc.)
  • to contribute to maintaining a good social climate

The main areas of payroll management are:

It should first be noted that payroll management is carried out within the framework of the integration of the company and its employees into the HRIS software, and in line with the GTA. The pay is divided into:

  • Management of hiring formalities (after recruitment)
  • Preparation of pay slips
  • Preparation and drawing up of monthly, quarterly and annual declarations: Urssaf, pension funds, mandatory private health and death and disability insurance and according to the latest standards in force
  • Follow-up of DSN (Nominal Social Declarations) for employee event declarations
  • Management of exit formalities (Balances of all accounts, work certificate, statement for the unemployment office or DSN if applicable)

This payroll management can also be associated to the administrative management of human resources such as by tracking leave, travel expenses, and other formalities related to employees’ administrative management

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