Certain companies, (SOHO/SME/Major Groups) are being forced to take a look at their organization, and are turning to outsourcing for certain functions. Why do these companies believe in outsourcing?

Outsourcing is a strategic decision that allows for a more flexible way of working. Companies call on experts in their fields for one-off assignments, or ongoing work.

Outsourcing Options

  • Accounting
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources, Training
  • General services
  • Logistics
  • Website creation
  • IT services
  • Events

Outsourcing is a growing trend
Outsourcing allows a company to hand over certain functions in part, or in their entirety to one or several external service providers.

These service providers are truly competent professionals with expertise in their field, which allows the company to increase productivity while bringing down overhead costs. They can act as replacements, or come in to support teams temporarily on specific projects.

Why outsourcing? The advantages: 

  • Outsourcing a function can be done partially or entirely;
  • Saving precious time, therefore allowing internal resources to focus on the main part of their job;
  • The external service provider must complete the task before a specific deadline;
  • Budget control: The service provider can be called on as needed, allowing the company to lower fixed expenses (salaries, benefits);
  • The company handles and oversees the completion of these projects thanks to a detailed service contract;
  • Calling on a professional with expertise in their field means bringing in new skills;
  • Flexible resources. 

Outsourcing: A Gauge of Success?

Outsourcing can be a gauge of success because the service provider(s), experts in their field, will truly bring added value to the company through the quality of their offerings.

Outsourcing is contractual support that can be long-term, and which helps to create true partnerships.

Have you thought about outsourcing some of your functions? Have you already worked with external service providers?

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