The safety and health of the employees in the workplace is a legal obligation of the employer. Consequently, occupational health is a service from which all employees must benefit in France.

Employees will regularly be seen by the Occupational health physician who will assess their state of health and their working conditions.

All employers must register their employees with an occupational health medical center. The choice of the medical center will depend on the company’s address (headquarters and local agencies). Employees working from home will be registered with the medical center closest to their home. In any case the registration must be with the medical center closest to their workplace.

Omag’s role is to register companies and employees with the appropriate medical center and ensure employees are registered for the regular mandatory medical check-ups. Additionally, Omag Consulting’s role is to ensure employees do go to these appointments.

Omag acts as the interface between the companies and the Occupational Health as the process can often be time consuming and complicated for companies.

Omag organizes the medical appointments, send the convocation and reminders to employees. The employers have the responsibility to inform their employees of the obligation to go to these appointments.

There are several occupational health organizations in France.  There is no relationship between Omag and the Occupational Health Organizations. We work with the Occupational Health Centers closest to the employees working address whether it is the company’s headquarters, local agencies, or home office.

There are different types of medical visits:

Medical visitEmployees concernedFrequencyComments
  Pre-hiringFor employees assigned to a high-risk position (SIR)Prior to the hiring date and every 2 or 3 years maximum thereafterThe Occupational Health Physician will deliver a certificate of aptitude
Information and Prevention visit (VIP)Employees with normal medical monitoring (SI)3 months maximum after hiringThe Occupational health Physician can require meeting the employee more frequently
Renewal of the Information and Prevention Visit(VIP)Employees with normal medical monitoring (SI)Every 5 years maximum. Fixed by the occupational health doctor 
Pre-recoveryFor employees on sick leave for over 30 consecutive days or notAs this visit takes place during the employee’s work stoppage, his/her state of health must allow him/her to be able to attend this appointmentOptional medical visit in order to anticipate the employee return to work. The employer must inform the employee of the possibility of benefiting from this visit. The employee and the occupational health doctor also have the option to organize this medical visit. In any case the employee’s agreement to this visit is necessary.  
Non-occupational illness or accidentAbsence of 60 days or moreWithin 8 days of the employee’s return to work 
Occupational disease Mandatory regardless of the duration of the absence 
Work accidentAbsence of 30 days or more  
Maternity leave Mandatory regardless of the duration of the absence 
Mid-career visitMandatory for employees between the ages of 43 and 45Can be organized at the initiative of the employee, employer, or occupational health doctor.The age at which this mid-career check-up must take place can also be established by a branch agreement. A certificate must be established by the occupational health doctor at the end of this visit. The doctor may recommend adjustments to the employee’s workstation or working hours.

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